Rapoo VPRO V600S Wireless Gamepad launched in India at ₹3,499

Rapoo VPRO V600S Wireless Gamepad launched in India at ₹3,499

Rounak Jain

Rapoo, a maker of gaming products and wireless peripherals has launched the VPRO V600S wireless gamepad in India which features a classic button layout and a dual touch design. The VPRO V600S also comes with an eight-directional keypad and dual analog sticks along with contoured grips and slip-resistant sides to make it easier to grip the gamepad.

Speaking on the launch, Mukesh Chaudhary, Country Head, Rapoo Technology (India, SAARC & ME) said, 'Gaming as an experience needs to be conveniently enjoyed across platforms. The VPRO V600S Wireless Gamepad is a perfect companion for casual gamers as well as enthusiast eSports players.'

Rapoo VPRO V600S Wireless Gamepad features

Compatible with Windows PCs and Android devicesUser-friendly buttonsDual vibration motors

The VPRO V600S wireless gamepad comes with three input options - X, D and A. The X mode allows gamers to play a new generation of gamepad games on PC Windows. They can also use DirectInput (D) mode to play classic gamepad games on PC Windows. The Android (A) standard mode can be used to play Android games that support a gamepad.

The X/D/A buttons allow gamers to easily switch among the three modes. The TUR button allows them to quickly activate semi-automatic and fully automatic rapid-fire functions, and disable them. The VIB button allows gamers to turn the vibration on or off.

With the left motor of powerful vibration, V600S gives gamers an experience of feeling every crash and explosion in supported games. With the right motor of slight vibration, the V600S provides precise feedback of every friction and hit in supported games.

Rapoo VPRO V600S price and availability

The Rapoo VPRO V600S Wireless Gamepad is now available in India via Rapoo authorized channel partners at ₹3,499. and will be available soon on Amazon.in. A wired version of the gamepad, the VPRO V600 is also available at ₹2,999.

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