Rumored mid-range Pixel phones Bonito & Sargo revealed in ARCore code teardown

Rumored mid-range Pixel phones Bonito & Sargo revealed in ARCore code teardown

Rounak Jain

Google could be preparing to unveil new mid-range Pixel smartphones codenamed Bonito and Sargo. These mid-range Pixel smartphones were rumored to launch alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but that did not pan out. That did not deter the rumor mill though, which continued to suggest that Google is still working on an affordable range of Pixel phones.

Now, according to an APK teardown of the ARCore app, Google has added two new devices codenamed Bonito and Sargo, which are names of fishes. The ARCore app includes names of devices that support Google's AR platform.

The reason that these two codenames are important is because Google has traditionally used the names of fishes as code names for its upcoming devices, going back right up to the initial Nexus smartphones and tablets, and the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, which were codenamed Crosshatch and Blueline.

The rumor that the device codenamed Bonito gains more credence from the fact that the Bonito fishes are medium-sized. Further, according to popular blogger and tipster @rquandt, this Bonito device could be powered by the octa-core Snapdragon 710 chipset, which also is a mid-range product from Qualcomm. Additionally, a new Nokia device codenamed Phoenix was also spotted, powered by the same Snapdragon 710 chipset.

Although the rumor about Bonito has been around for a few months now, new reports and findings suggest that the device does exist, at the very least. Google could be preparing for the launch of these new mid-range Pixel smartphones early next year. While there is some evidence to back up the Bonito rumors, Sargo seems to be a later addition. In the run up to the PIxel 3 launch, rumors said that Google would launch three Pixel 3 smartphones, including a mid-range Pixel.

Given that Google has consistently kept its new Pixel-branded phones priced higher than many other flagship smartphones, these new mid-range Pixel phones could also be priced higher than what is traditionally considered a mid-range price. That said, the official launch could still be months away and things might change.