Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite renders reveal groundbreaking design

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite renders reveal groundbreaking design

Rishabh Pachory

Samsung's Galaxy S lineup has, in the past, consisted of some majorly innovative and groundbreaking phones. Some have had curved displays, nearly bezel-less fronts and what not. With the latest Galaxy S10, Samsung aims to push the boundaries further than ever.

The S10 Lite, which is not the final name of the phone is seen to have an even display. Meaning that it does not have a curved design like the other phones. A curved display helps manufacturers make the bezels seem smaller than they already are. In the S10 Lite, however, the flat display is seen to have no extra chin or bezel up top. Instead, it features a display that is symmetrical from all sides.

In the concept render, it is seen that the phone has a clear glass display without any cutouts or such. The render of the phone suggests that the screen will have a punch hole in the screen to make room for the front camera. We have seen the design from Samsung recently when it launched the Galaxy A8s in China about a week back.

Another unique feature about the S10 Lite is that most phones with a notch or slim top bezels always seem to have a chin that just makes you wish you could remove it. Samsung has done the deed by making the display chinless and keeping the top and bottom bezels exactly the same size.

The method to remove the chin was mastered by Apple when it announced the iPhone X. The technology, they said, is very expensive and requires the manufacturer to actually curve the display inwards from the bottom, making room for connections to vital interior parts of the phone. Samsung has given no word on how they have accomplished this feat.

According to some other leaks that were revealed earlier, it was suggested that the S10 Lite will have a side mounted fingerprint scanner as we have seen on other phones. Additionally, the phone will also have a dual camera set up at the back as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom.