Social media for only 30 minutes makes you feel better about yourself: Research

Social media for only 30 minutes makes you feel better about yourself: Research

Rishabh Pachory

People have long blamed social media and smartphones for deteriorating mental health of youth all around the globe. Researchers have now studied that there is a way that you can use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to actually make your life better.

A new study by researchers have led them to believe that limiting social media usage to just 30 minutes a day can help you lead a better life. They stated that it would reduce the chances of depression and feelings of loneliness within a person. They also state that it would not make people feel less wanted or less socially accepted. This could be due to the fact that people may see their friends with other people and may feel a fear of missing out. Such effects were particularly noted in subjects who felt depressed prior to the study.

The experiment consisted of two groups of subjects. One who would use the three social media apps for a period of 10 minutes each and the others would have no restrictions on app usage. Researchers did not completely cut off usage of social media for users as it would not have been realistic to do so.

According to those who conducted the research, users could have used social media more than the allotted time on their desktops- times which would not have been accounted for in the study. Also, Twitter was not a part of the study, and users could have used that as well, slightly tarnishing the reports. Researchers, however are optimistic about the future of the study as it is the first of it's kind and say that a lot more can be revealed after a longer duration of testing.

Therefore, if someone tells you to cut off social media entirely, let them have a piece of your mind and educate them about the benefits of using social media for short periods of time.