STM Goods launches a slew of new products in India

STM Goods launches a slew of new products in India

Rishabh Pachory

India is no small market when it comes mobile phones and accessories. Online shopping websites are flush with many kinds of power banks, headsets, gaming accessories and even various cables. The choices for the average Indian consumer are somewhat limitless and now, a new, international player has emerged. STM Goods, an Australian company aims to provide all these mobile accessories at a reasonable cost, more functionality and much better quality.

STM Goods is an Australia based company that excels in making useful accessories such as power cables, portable chargers, USB hubs and most importantly, screen protectors. Their entry in the Indian market is sure to herald an era of higher quality accessories at a reasonable price.

As part of their newly launched "Simply Smarter Essentials" lineup, they have entered the competitive Indian market. Their latest lineup includes all everyday accessories essential to a smartphone.

One of the most innovative products that they have come up with is a Wireless Powerbank. This wireless or plug-in portable charger is compatible with any Qi enabled smartphone and also features a standard USB-A port to charge any phone. Convenient suction cups provide the ability to attach the Powerbank to a device for portability. If you're looking for a wireless on the go charging solution, this powerbank is a must have.

Apart from the neat power bank, they also launched a few USB-C accessories. These include two USB-C Hubs which are great for on the go connectivity. One of them is a compact adapter that allows Type C enabled devices to attach to multiple USB inputs as well as an ethernet cable. The other USB-C hub allows the user to connect to USB inputs, an HDMI monitor or even SD or TF memory cards.

If you're an iPhone user, you would know by now that the cable provided in the box is rather flimsy and tends to break apart from the connector. STM Goods has the perfect solution because they offer high quality braided cables which last long. They are compatible with all Lightning connector iPhones and if you're looking for a new charging/high speed data transfer cable, this is the one you should buy.

Another great addition to their lineup are the screen protectors. They come in the tempered glass form and are extremely reliable. Not only for phones, but they also make tempered glass for tablets and Surface laptops. What must be kept in mind is that as of now, they limit themselves to only iPhone screen protectors so if you have an Android phone, you'll have to wait for a while. The screen guards are available for almost all iPhones

'STM is always looking for ways to make customers' lives easier,' said Ethan Nyholm, CEO and Co-founder of STM Goods. 'Our products are designed with a nod to convenience and simplicity, but above all else we strive to create gear that performs as efficiently as possible—what we call doing things 'smarter than most''.

The addition of the company's range to the wide selection provides the smarter Indian better and more durable smartphone accessories. After seeing the response from the market, the company aims to introduce even more products in India.