Tencent to bring PUBG Lite to India, aims to expand user base

Tencent to bring PUBG Lite to India, aims to expand user base

Rishabh Pachory

Even though the popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile came out over a year back, the craze for it has not yet died down. Tencent, the developers behind the game, are fully aware of this fact and they also know that India is one of the biggest markets for the game. With this in mind, they aim to bring to the country PUBG Lite, which is a lightweight version of the game that will run on mid range, and less powerful PCs.

In a bid to cater to those who use low-end hardware and expand its user base, Chinese tech giant Tencent is set to bring a "Lite" version of its popular online game PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds).

PUBG Lite is already available in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil and Bangladesh, but the PUBG India Facebook page has now confirmed that this version is coming to India soon. Earlier, users in India had to make use of VPNs and lengthy procedures to play the game but now, the game will be officially released here.

PUBG Lite, built for low-end hardware, is a toned down version of the original version. Besides helping those with affordable smartphones, this new version of the game may also help players who face connectivity issues.

Additionally, Tencent games will be releasing a new update for PUBG Mobile soon. The 0.13.0 update has already gone live in beta. According to a new report from mobile app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, Tencent's revenue from PUBG Mobile and its new version, Game For Peace, crossed $4.8 million a day in May, becoming the worlds top grossing mobile app.

The two versions combined to generate an estimated $146 million in player spending during the month of May, about 126 per cent more than the nearly $65 million PUBG Mobile alone grossed in April, according to the estimate which excluded Android revenue from China.