There's a new Pokemon mobile game in the making and it's coming soon

There's a new Pokemon mobile game in the making and it's coming soon

Rishabh Pachory

Pokemon is all the craze and buzz these days. What with the release of Detective Pikachu, the popularity of Pokemon Go and of course, the childhood memories attached, we are excited to tell you that there's a new Pokemon game coming out and it will help you fulfil your dream of catching 'em all. Here's all we know about the game so far.

The new and upcoming Pokemon game will be developed by a Japanese company by the name of DeNA. As of now, they have only put out an idea for the game and say that they will launch it by the next year, sometime around march. As for what the game will actually entail, the company did not give much detail but said that it will be exciting and completely new.

DeNA is a well known developer when it comes to smartphone games. They have made games such as Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing and are also working on a mobile version of Mario Kart. Since the developers have ample experience, we can get our hopes high about the new Pokemon game.

The company has not given out any detail about what the game will be about. Essentially, it will include the usual Pokemon trainer stuff, but also a bunch of new things. Judging by Pokemon games of the past, we can safely say that console and mobile Pokemon games are very different. The console games focus on game play and exploration while the mobile games are all about making Pokemon faces look real, appealing and to provide a sort of nostalgia for the Pokemon series.

With the news of the game and the movie finally out now, we can safely say that we are on a Pokemon high right now and are eagerly looking forward to the launch of the game.