Today is probably the last day you can use your Google+ account

Today is probably the last day you can use your Google+ account

Rishabh Pachory


Over the past few years, Google has been growing in more than one way. It should suffice to say that the internet would not be where it is today if not for Google, their search engine and their AI services.

One field, however, where Google failed to touch a chord with the audience was in the social media platform. In 2011, Google launched their social media platform Google+ with hopes to make Facebook redundant. However, the platform did not take off and now, the company has begun the process of shutting it down.

Pulling away efforts of competing with social networking majors like Facebook and Twitter, Google has begun the process of shutting down its social networking app Google+. Even though the process of completely deleting all personal accounts from the platform would still take a few months, content deletion including photos and videos from Google+ album archives has begun, The Verge reported on Monday.

Plans for putting an end to Google+ were announced last year, back in 2018 and not many were disappointed. At its core, Google+ was a platform that brought the best of Facebook, Twitter and Reddit under one platform. However, the social media service did not take off as expected and not many users turned into hardcore fans of the platform.

Apart from just low user engagement, the demise of Google+ also came as a result of a software design flaw that exposed some private user data to third-party developers including occupation, gender, age and email address. This led to Google facing many problems and even became marred in controversy for a while. The flaw had existed since 2015 and it is expected to have affected up to five lakh Google+ accounts.

About Google+

The search engine giant's social media platform was launched way back in June 2011 and replaced Google Buzz, another similar platform. With Google+, the company aimed to give a tough competition to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace and a few more. Though initially, it was well received, traffic on the site started to dwindle and people lost interest in it.