Users are ditching their iPhones for Android smartphones;  iPhone loyalty dips to lowest point ever

Users are ditching their iPhones for Android smartphones; iPhone loyalty dips to lowest point ever

Rishabh Pachory

In the smartphone industry, Apple users (iPhone users in particular) are considered some of the most loyal consumers of their goods. Perhaps the primary reason for this is the fact that the entire apple ecosystem is seamlessly integrated with all devices. In addition to that, most devices have similar functionality, which makes an iPhone user buy a Macbook and other Apple devices.

Android phones on the other hand are plentiful and constantly growing with each new phone. A new report has emerged and it suggests that of late, many iPhone users are switching platforms and becoming less loyal to the brand.

The report goes on to mention quite a few convoluted numbers and figures but the takeaway here is that of all the users with an iPhone X that were part of the survey, 26% of the users actually shifted to Samsung phones. This is highly possible because when shifting from iOS to Android, the users realize what they have been missing out on.

Once they see the plethora of new features, they are automatically drawn towards the better technology. On the other hand, it was noted that only 7.7% of Samsung mobile users stuck with iPhones till the end of the survey. This goes to show that Samsung mobile users are actually more loyal to not just the company but to the ecosystem as well as software on the phones.

All these figures go to show that since 2011, the loyalty of users has dropped down by 73%, which is a massive dip. The reason behind this could be that Apple always joins in on the latest trends quite late. Though their phones have great build quality, the software could do with a lot of tweaking. In addition to that, Android phones give users an option whereas with iPhones, the company is shoving things down the users throat.

Additionally, many people see Apple's strategy as a way to rebrand the same device, upgrade it a bit and sell it at a higher cost. Many Apple users themselves have alluded to this fact and are just not satisfied with what they're getting at the premium price.