Vivo's new fast charge tech juices up 4,000mAH battery in just 13 minutes

Vivo's new fast charge tech juices up 4,000mAH battery in just 13 minutes

Rishabh Pachory

As smartphones become increasingly advanced, so is the technology that comes along with them. One major aspect that smartphone makers have been trying to push for a long time now is the battery life and more importantly, the battery's charging speed. Over the past few years, we've seen fast charging tech that pushes the boundaries from OnePlus, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi and a lot more. Now, Vivo's newest fast charge technology claims some insane charging speeds.

To compete with OPPO's 50W VOOC charging and Huawei's 40W chargers, Vivo will soon implement support for super fast charging at 120W, which is insane to say the least. With their technology, the other companies will be left far in the dust.

As per reports, this can charge a 4,000mAH battery in just 13 minutes. The battery touched 50% in just 5 minutes. If the technology is put to use soon, it could potentially increase the appeal of Vivo phones to a much larger audience. However, this could also lead to heat issue in phones and it is unknown exactly how Vivo will tackle it.

These reports were released officially by Vivo and it could be that the company us hyping the tech up a bit. However, such fast charging speeds could change the entire game and have other manufacturers rethink their entire strategy.

It seems that Vivo is gearing up for MWC 2019 which is set to take place in Shanghai soon. At the event, the company is expected to showcase the technology in front of a massive crowd, which is when we will get confirmation on these numbers.

In addition to the fast charging tech, there is also word that the company will launch a stand alone 5G phone and not a modded version of some other phone- which is what they did last year. It seems that Vivo really is pulling up their socks and giving us some tech that we need, but don't know it yet.