Windows 10 users can now mirror Android notifications on PCs: Here's how

Windows 10 users can now mirror Android notifications on PCs: Here's how

Rishabh Pachory

For a long time now, Microsoft has been playing around with the idea of bringing together your PC and your mobile phone. They aim to make a seamless transition from your work on the PC in such a way that you can pick off exactly where you left off on your mobile. Now, the company seems to have taken a major step in that direction as Windows will now mirror your phone notifications if you have the two devices set up. Read on to know how.

On 2nd July, 2019 Windows insider sent out a tweet stating that their new tech is now finally function and here to provide a whole lot more convenience to anyone who uses a mobile phone and a PC at the same time.

The process to set up the two devices together is rather simple. All one has to do is to install the 'Your Phone' app from the Windows store on the PC and link their mobile device with it. Though on paper, this sounds like a great step in the right direction, the actual implementation of this software is not near perfect.

Though the linking process is simple, users can only set up one phone at a time. Apart from that, another issue that randomly pops up is that occasionally, the PC won't show the notifications from your device. Additionally, the app has no support for photo content as of now, which could have been a major game changer.

However, this is one of the first generations of this software and we're expecting it to grow quite well. The current trends show that users want a seamless transition in thier workflow and this app is one that certainly delivers. Very soon, with updates and tweaks to the software, it could well become a necessity for power users.