Xiaomi foldable smartphone confirmed in official video

Xiaomi foldable smartphone confirmed in official video

Rounak Jain

The Xiaomi foldable smartphone is real and it bends on two sides! In an official video today, Xiaomi confirmed that it is indeed working on a foldable smartphone. And unlike other companies, Xiaomi's foldable smartphone actually looks good and works well as far as the software is concerned.

In a Weibo post, Xiaomi's President and co-founder Lin Bin confirmed that his company is indeed working on a foldable smartphone. Today's announcement also confirms the previously leaked video which demonstrated the user interface.

While Lin Bin's video today included usage of the official Twitter app, he also watched a couple of videos. Overall, the video included interaction with UI elements and navigation, which seemed to have worked quite well. However, when Lin Ben folded the two sides of the smartphone, there was a weird UI flex. That being said, the Xiaomi foldable smartphone is still in its prototype stage, so the demonstration was pretty good by those standards. Interestingly enough, this software flex was not visible in the leaked video.

Further elaborating, Lin Bin also stated that his company will consider mass manufacturing the foldable smartphone if there is enough positive feedback from fans and customers. In addition to this, he also revealed that Xiaomi is considering two names for its first foldable smartphone - Mi Dual Flex and Mi Mix Flex. He also called upon fans to send interesting names, and if the suggestions are good enough, Xiaomi might actually end up using one of those names.

Best foldable smartphone implementation so far?

While this might still be too early to call it, Xiaomi's demonstration suggests that it has the best implementation of foldable smartphones so far. The Royole FlexPai that was shown off last year as well as at CES this year has a lot of software glitches and it doesn't rest flat when folded.

Samsung too is working on a foldable smartphone, which is being referred to as the Galaxy F. It features two displays and will cost around $1,770, with availability being extremely limited. Other companies like Oppo, Huawei, LG etc are also said to be working on their own foldable smartphones, which might be unveiled later this year.