Xiaomi launches AirPOP mask to battle rising pollution crisis in India

Xiaomi launches AirPOP mask to battle rising pollution crisis in India

Rishabh Pachory

Smartphone maker Xiaomi is well known for its mobile phones, bluetooth speakers, headsets and. Recently, the company launched an air purifier to battle the rising pollution, but now, they aim to do this on a wider scale. The smartphone company has come up with an AirPOP mask that allows the wearer to steer clear of polluted air.

India has some of the most polluted cities in the country, so it only makes sense that the Chinese company has made the AirPOP mask widely available on e-commerce stores. The mask will be priced at a reasonable sum of ₹249.

The main aim of the mask is to battle the most common pollutant in India, which is the PM 2.5 pollutant. As of now, there are not many details about how the mask operates, but, it is seen to have a filter at one side, which could separate the main PM 2.5 pollutant. Other similar masks have replaceable filters, so it could be that the Xiaomi mask takes an idea from the same concept.

On a more technical note, it can effectively block 0.3-micron particles and Xiaomi claims that it has PM 2.5 filtration efficiency as high as 99.97 percent. It has a leather texture cover and it has a 360-degree adaptable ring design for comfortable fit around your face. As of now, it is confirmed that Xiaomi will ship the product with one extra filter but there is no word on how much an extra filter will cost.

The main concern is whether the Xiaomi AirPOP will be available for purchase apart from the online stores. If Xiaomi does get the masks in their offline stores, it would sell much better than it's online counterpart. The move from Xiaomi will certainly be beneficial as the pollution levels in India are constantly on the rise, and this comes as a great relief to residents of North India.