Xiaomi Mi 9 beats iPhone XS and Galaxy S9 in DxOMark test

Xiaomi Mi 9 beats iPhone XS and Galaxy S9 in DxOMark test

Rishabh Pachory

The Xiaomi Mi 9 was launched just yesterday and it is already making waves in the smartphone industry. In a detailed camera analysis published by DxOMark, it was seen that the phone beat two of the top smartphone cameras- the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

With a photo test score of 112 and a video test of 99 (the highest of any smartphone), it comes in third with an average score of 107. The phone is only left behind by the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro.

As per the test scores, the Mi 9 overtakes the top smartphone cameras currently in the market. That includes phones such as the iPhone XS Max, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and believe it or not, even the Google Pixel 3. The phone has a photo score of 112, which is not enough to make waves, but what was interesting was that the phone had a video camera score of 99, which is the highest ever on a DxOMark video test.

The final score of 107 was an average between the photo and video score. The scores were given based on individual camera features and performance. Xiaomi Mi 9's rear camera performed well in exposure, autofocus, color, stability and flash for both photos and videos. Though the phone has a triple rear camera set up, the wide angle lens was not taken into consideration in the test.

The two top scoring smartphones, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the P20 Pro were also left behind when it came to video tests. The Mi 9 finished with a score of 99 while the other two phones have scores of 97 and 98 respectively.

It must be kept in mind that these tests are conducted in a very compatible environment and real-world usage of the cameras could differ depending on a number of factors.