Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p launched in India at ₹1,999

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p launched in India at ₹1,999

Rishabh Pachory

Xiaomi has an extremely diversified portfolio of offerings in its home country, ranging from smartphones to accessories to smart home products. However, not all of these products are available in other markets like India. That said, the company is slowly expanding its portfolio, with the latest entrant being a security camera.

The Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p will go on sale from tomorrow. The main draw of the camera is that it has smart home capabilities, meaning that you an hook it up to your Google Home assistant or your Alexa smart device. Another neat feature is that the camera has 1080p video recording capability. Most security cameras don't offer high resolution recording at these prices.

In case you put the camera in an environment with dark lighting, it should be no issue as it comes built in with infrared technology. Pair that with the 1080p recording, and it'll perform well even at night. One of the AI technologies that it has is the motion sensing capability. This leads to less false alarms and a more safer home environment.

The camera also has a wide angle 130 degree field of view that covers more area. Additionally, it increases the amount of information gathered in the sensor, letting you know what's happening where. It also supports external storage via a microSD card, which can be plugged in to a laptop or mobile phone for file export.

The camera can also connect to your phone via an app. This lets you monitor the camera live and tweak settings whenever you wish to. In case you've got more than one such camera, you can get a live feed of all the cameras on a single screen.

Xiaomi's new Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p will be available for purchase from tomorrow, February 14. You can get the camera for a price of ₹1,999 from Mi.com.