Xiaomi POCO Launcher 2.0 announced for all Android phones

Xiaomi POCO Launcher 2.0 announced for all Android phones

Rishabh Pachory

When Xiaomi launched its POCO F1, it shook the market as it was the complete package in a budget friendly price. When the phone was launched, it came along with its own UI, rather than Xiaomi's proprietary software, the POCO Launcher. Since the phone has a lot of users worldwide, the company has announced the POCO launcher 2.0, which is an improved version of the launcher.

Basically, the great feature in POCO launcher is that it allows you to customize pretty much anything you can think of. Icons, fonts, app drawers and most importantly folders. In fact, you can even delete or remove unnecessary folders that take up space on the home screen. Only recently, Xiaomi put the app on the Google Play store for everyone to use.

Now, with the POCO launcher 2.0, they are looking to shake things up further. The changes in the new launcher are mostly about polishing the design and making the experience smoother with the app drawer.

One of the major changes to the app drawer is that it can now have a semi-transparent background, so you can see your wallpaper even under a layer of any colour. The transparency is customizable and you can either keep the entire home screen visible or just a bit- that's up to the user.

As far as sections and folders are concerned, you can now add and remove them, even from the app drawer itself, giving it a more clean and organized feel. However, many users have stated that there is no need for a new software if there is no POCO F2. Details about the POCO F2 are practically non-existent, and earlier, the Redmi K20 was said to make an appearance in India as the POCO F2 but that no longer seems to be the case.

At any rate, the POCO launcher 2.0 is a great addition for those who want the utmost customization without rooting the phone itself.