Xiaomi to launch anti-pollution masks in India tomorrow

Xiaomi to launch anti-pollution masks in India tomorrow

Bruce McAvoy

Xiaomi India seems to have started the new year with a new product launch. In a not-so-cryptic tweet, Xiaomi has teased the launch of an anti-pollution mask which will be unveiled on January 3.

The tweet is accompanied by an image which has a silhouette of a mask in the backdrop of a word cloud which consists of words like Ash, Unhealthy, Emissions, Chemicals among others. This is a clear indicator that the Chinese electronics manufacturer will indeed be bringing a mask to its product portfolio.

As to the kind of anti-pollution mask that will be launching tomorrow, we don't have any official information. Instead, we believe that Xiaomi could launch its Mi Purely Air Mask or the Mi Air Wear Face Mask in India tomorrow.

The Mi Purely Air Mask features a rechargeable air filter which is able to filter out almost 99% of PM2.5 while breathing. While the mask is made out of polyester fabric, the 4 layers of the KN95 filter are actually composite nanomaterial which works in tandem with the fan residing in the filter. Users will be able to control the flow of air depending on their breathing patterns. The mask also features a double layer detachable design which makes it easy to replace the air filter cartridge.

The Mi Purely Air Mask is expected to be priced at under Rs 1,000 with its filter cartridges retailing for around Rs 500.

While Xiaomi may have been a bit late to the party, the air quality index, especially in cities like Delhi NCR and Bengaluru, is still at severe levels.