Asus ROG Phone II has been announced and it's the most powerful Android phone yet

Asus ROG Phone II has been announced and it's the most powerful Android phone yet

Rishabh Pachory

These days, it seems that gaming phones are all the latest fad- in addition to pop up cameras, in display fingerprint scanners and even gesture controlled phones. Though one may think that the options are limited to just a few choices, a new contender has emerged and it is the most powerful Android smartphone yet. The Asus ROG Phone II is what we're talking about and it does come with some beastly specifications.

The main headliners here are the display, processor and the battery. In addition to that, the phone also has a few other tricks up its sleeve but those are mostly subjective matters that everyone may not find reasonable.

For one, the phone has a 120Hz refresh rate display. Pair that with the fact that the display on this phone is a 6.59-inch OLED display with a crisp resolution of 2340x1080. Along with the 120Hz refresh rate display, this phone should be a beast when it comes to viewing experiences. However, there is also a method in the settings menu that allows you to lower the refresh rate down so that you don't waste battery.

Another area where the phone sticks out is when it comes to internal specifications. As we said, this phone is nothing short of a beast and the main reason for this is that it will come paired with the Snapdragon 855+ chipset, which is one that is meant for gamers and those that demand high multi core performance from their smartphones.

To cool this high end, powerful processor, there is a liquid cooling system, which makes the phone rather heavy, but we're not complaining. You're going to need that cooling power because the massive 12GB RAM is bound to heat up sooner or later and the new vent + vapor chamber combo for cooling the phone down should be a big improvement from last year's phone.

Apart from these not so basic features, the phone also comes with a few gaming centric ones. For starters, it comes packed with not one, but two USB type C ports, so that you can charge the phone without the cables getting in the way. The second USB C port is at the side of the phone and can be used to connect peripheral add ons to the phone that make gaming a treat.

Another feature that should help with gaming is the massive 6,000mAH battery on this gaming smartphone. This will help your phone be up and running even in the most intense gaming moments. Also, the phone has an RGB logo and a very gamer like design, which gives you that extra oomph.

As for the cameras, Asus has remembered that after all, this is a smartphone. The phone has a humble dual camera set-up at the back that comes with a 48-megapixel primary sensor and a 13-megapixel secondary sensor. Up front, the phone has a 24-megapixel shooter. At any rate, don't expect amazing pictures because this is a gaming phone.

There's no denying that the ROG Phone II comes with loads of features that set it apart. The gamer centric ones and the usual features are complemented by the specifications of this phone and it should be a wise choice for anyone looking for a performance based smartphone. The phone should launch in Taiwan on August 1.