Google Pixel 4 leaked again with a vibrant new colour option

Google Pixel 4 leaked again with a vibrant new colour option

Rishabh Pachory

You know a Google phone is about to launch when the internet is full of leaks, rumors and specifications of the smartphone. In fact, only last week, there was a full hands on video of the phone which showed a thick top bezel and a square camera module at the back. Now, a new leak of the smartphone shows it in a striking new colour- 'Coral', which is basically just orange.

Google has been known to experiment with colours. From the Panda shade in the Pixel 2 to the coloured power button on other Pixel variants and the Pink variant on the Pixel 3, the phones are notorious for being rather colourful.

This time around, it seems that Google is taking things to an extreme with this orange coloured Pixel phone. When compared with the other phones- the black and white models, the phone seems to have a stark difference. A darker Google logo at the back and a matte finish give the phone an unmistakable look.

Since the phone is shown from the back, we can also notice that it has a completely glass back, a departure from the dual tone backs of the previous Pixel phones. The back also gives us a better look at the square camera module. Additionally, the lack of the back fingerprint sensor confirms that the phone will have an in display fingerprint scanner.

As for the specifications on this phone, we know that the phone comes with a 90Hz refresh rate display, a Snapdragon 855+ chipset and 6GB of RAM. All of these specifications are new for Google as this time, they're focusing on a phone that makes for great performance and acts as an all rounding daily driver phone.

Recently, it also came to light that the Soli sensor- the one that makes gesture control possible will only be available in a few markets. As of now, there is no word whether this is a good move or one that's detrimental to Google, but that will have to be seen.