Google's project Soli chip could be implemented in the Pixel 4; new renders and leaks revealed

Google's project Soli chip could be implemented in the Pixel 4; new renders and leaks revealed

Rishabh Pachory

Google is a company that is well known for having a few projects hidden up their sleeve. Project Soli is one such project that was announced at Google's I/O event in 2015. New reports have emerged suggesting that the company could potentially make use of this chip in the upcoming Pixel 4 to make air gestures a real thing.

For the uninitiated, Project Soli is a fingernail sized chip that Google had been working on for a while now. In 2015, the company released a video showcasing the potential capabilities of this tiny chip. This discovery comes after an Android Q beta user reported that within the code, there were a few lines pointing to something called 'Aware' which could be the chip.

Certainly, at that time, it seemed very futuristic. Now that the future is here, Google could actually put the chip to use. Take a look at the chip in the video below.

What the chip does is that it relays information by tracing hand gestures in the air to the dedicated app. This could allow for a lot of potential hands free usage of the upcoming Google Pixel 4.

This wouldn't be the first time that a company is delving into the world of hands free gestures. Last year's LG G8 has a mechanism that allows it to read in the air hand gestures. However, this uses a time of flight sensor in the camera, which is rather hit or miss. The Soli chip however, is designed for this and should provide much better feedback.

Though the Pixel launch is still a few months away, we are already seeing a lot of leaks and speculations. As of now, the current leak trend shows that the Pixel 4 will have a punch hole display and a square camera set up at the back, much like what we've seen from the upcoming iPhone's leaks. Here's a look at the leaked model

According to leaks, this square shaped camera module at the back will sport a triple camera set up which is another first by the company. Google already makes some of the best cameras in the smartphone industry and a triple camera from Google could change the game altogether.