Here's how all the Galaxy A Series phones differ from one another

Here's how all the Galaxy A Series phones differ from one another

Rishabh Pachory

In the past four months, Samsung has released not only their latest flagship S10 and S10 Plus phones, but also the more affordable Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A series is helping the company regain lost ground in the budget to mid tier smartphone segment and the company claims that they sold over 2 million A series phones in India over a period of just 40 days.

Currently, the A series lineup has 5 phones and the 6th one is set to launch next month. With the copious number of phones, choosing one can get rather confusing. Today, we take a look at the differentiating factor in each of the phones, their key features and areas where they excel.

Galaxy A10

The Galaxy A10 is one of the more recent entry into the A series family. Of the lot, the phone is the most affordable and offers a great value for money. The best part about the smartphone is that it is probably the most future proof phone in the price segment. It comes with a waterdrop notch, a Samsung Exynos 7884 chipset- which can rival the Snapdragon 660, a powerful processor and it even comes loaded with Android 9.0 Pie out of the box. Since the price point is rather competitive, the phone stands out owing to the powerful specifications.

Galaxy A20

For just over a little over ₹12,000 the phone offers a display that is capable enough to rival any flagship smartphone. This is because the Galaxy A20 comes packed with a SuperAMOLED display that makes for a vibrant and crisp viewing experience. Apart from that, the phone has 3GB RAM paired with an Exynos 7884 SoC, which makes for great multitasking and even better content viewing experience. If you're looking for a cheap phone that excels in the entertainment department, well, looks like your search is over.

Galaxy A30

Though almost all phones now have a dual camera set-up, the Galaxy A30 sticks out in the camera department. Not only does the phone have dual cameras at the back, the best part is that one of them is a wide angle lens that allows for a much wider field of view than your average smartphone camera. Even the low light photography performance on the phone is rather good and can compete with higher end phones. Since the phone will be a hit with smartphone photographers, it also comes loaded with a massive 4,000mAH battery to keep the phone up and running for long periods of time.

Galaxy A50

Back when the original A series lineup was launched, it was the top of the family. It has everything that you would expect from a phone at the price point and more. It is perhaps one of the few phones in the price range that has a triple camera setup and an amazing SuperAMOLED display.

The triple camera setup comes with a configuration of 25-megapixels + 8-megapixels + 5-megapixel lenses. Each of the lenses serve a different purpose- the 25MP lens is used for low light shots, the 8MP is used for wide angle shots and the 5MP is used for depth sensing, extra details and better portrait mode shots.

Apart from that, it even has great performance and the amazing display makes everything look stunning. Gaming on the phone is a pleasure and the phone is a great option for those looking to game extensively.

Galaxy A70

The most recent addition to the lineup also happens to be one of the best phones in the A series family. This is a phone that is geared towards those who demand the best performance from their mobiles at all times- be it gaming, multitasking or merely your everyday tasks. This phone is powered by a Snapdragon 675- a departure from the Exynos chipsets that Samsung phones usually use- and is paired with a 6GB RAM. Apart from that, the phone sports a rather premium design- a waterdrop notch, a SuperAMOLED display and a gradient back that makes it stand out amongst other phones in the segment.

Galaxy A80

The top of the line phone in the series is also the latest phone by Samsung. Thought the phone hasn't been launched, company ads have given us a good idea of the phone. This will be the first phone by Samsung that doesn't have a punch hole cutout display or any kind of a notch. What this phone does is that it has a sliding back mechanism that rises up and the camera flips around to double as the front camera. Not only does this make the phone very futuristic, but also means that you'll be clicking better looking selfies with the help of the powerful and great camera. If you're looking for a phone that's all display, then this is the one. But you'll have to wait until next month to actually buy the phone.

The Galaxy A series phones pack in a punch and are unique in their own way. At first glance, the only thing that seems to differ is the price but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that each of the phones have specific audiences and the phones excel in their own area. If you're looking for a phone in the budget to mid tier segment, then the A series are great phones that you should consider.