HMD Global Gears up to launch Nokia 9 Pureview in India

HMD Global Gears up to launch Nokia 9 Pureview in India

Rishabh Pachory

When the Nokia 9 Pureview was launched back in February, it turned a lot of heads, mainly because of the camera situation. The phone is one of the first to opt for a penta camera set-up at the back. This is what made the phone a huge hit with a certain portion of the market. Back then, the company seemed to have no plans of launching the phone in India, but soon, they finally could release the phone here.

The major hurdle that the company will face is that they are yet to prove thier prowess in the camera department. Many reviews of the phone stated that though the camera on the smartphone does have a lot of power and can be one of the best, it just isn't so at the moment. Reviewers went on to say that the camera was not complemented by the software, which is a huge issue that must be tackled.

Another aspect that could dissuade users from buying this phone is that only the camera is the main selling point of the phone. The display is average and has no futuristic implementations that we've been seeing from other smartphone makers. Apart from that, the phone will also face stiff competition in an already expanding marketplace where the options for the buyer are pretty much limitless.

To recall, the Nokia 9 pureview comes with a 5.99-inch QHD display. Though not as stunning as an AMOLED one, it still manages to compete with the high end phones. Under the hood, it packs a serious punch. The Snapdragon 855 is backed by 6GB RAM, which, to be honest, feels lacking in 2019. As for the camera, there are 5 cameras on this phone at the back. All five cameras on the back are 12-megapixel sensors that combine the photo together to provide greater detail in the images.

As for the pricing, the phone should cost around ₹50,000 in India, which is rather steep. Add to that the fact that the Indian consumer expects a whole lot at the price point and the phone may or may not sell well.