Huawei's foldable phone, the Mate X gears up to launch with some seriously competitive specifications

Huawei's foldable phone, the Mate X gears up to launch with some seriously competitive specifications

Rishabh Pachory

Foldable phones were quite the rage a few months back. We say a few months back because after the fiasco with the Galaxy Fold's launch, companies have kept shut about their own foldable phones. One company however, that is constantly one upping Samsung in this department is Huawei. Their foldable phone, the Mate X, which seemed too good to be true, is actually a real thing and now, we have an idea of the specs of the phone as well as the cameras that it will use. Read on to know all about them.

In case you've been wondering when exactly you'll get to see the phone in your hand, you'll have to wait till November. That's when the phone will launch in China and if you're lucky, you can get your hands on it. As for the global launch, it should happen soon after the Chinese launch.

Over to the specifications that we've just learnt, it seems like the Mate X will come with top of the line specifications and for good reason. Huawei wants to make this foldable phone as attractive as they can and not just in terms of looks.

The phone will pack in a highly powerful Kirin 990 chipset, which is slightly faster than the best Snapdragon Chip out there, the Snapdragon 855. This in itself makes the phone a good choice for power hungry users. In fact, gaming and multitasking should be a breeze for this phone.

The Mate X seems to have taken a few cues from the Galaxy Fold. Just like the Korean company, Huawei also made a few design changes, one of them happens to be at the back camera. Apart from that, they are also going to make use of better cameras from the P30 Pro, that is yet to be announced. We're expecting to see similar performance in both these cameras but pictures should look better on the bigger, foldable screen on the Mate X.

According to earlier reports, the phone has undergone a few minor design changes as well. The phone now folds inwards, rather than outwards, which is probably being done to accommodate better hinge mechanics.

At any rate, we're excited to see this phone in the flesh and it should be a way for Huawei to show Samsung that they are not messing about with their foldable phone.