Motorola's new age flip phone, the Moto Razr launched today: Here are all the specifications

Motorola's new age flip phone, the Moto Razr launched today: Here are all the specifications

Rishabh Pachory

Motorola is a smartphone maker that has been keeping things on the down low of late. They make well performing budget phones, with a clean software and decent cameras. However, they haven't yet put out a revolutionary new phone in quite a while now. Though the Z series by Motorola is quite high end, the company wasn't able to market it well. Now, however, the company has gone back in time and mixed it with the future to make the all new Moto Razr 2019.

The phone was unveiled today at an event in Los Angeles, and was shown to the press in its entirety. With this phone, the company aims to not just make a well performing phone, but one that sends a rush of nostalgia in you.

Design and Display

Upon seeing the phone, you notice that it has mostly the same design as the Moto Razr from ages ago. A thick chin, a snappy hinge and of course, the flip factor. What's missing this time is the alphanumeric keyboard, which has been replaced by one giant screen from top to bottom. The screen has a rather unconventional aspect ratio of 21:9 along with a 6.2-inch flexible OLED HD+ display with a resolution of 876x2142 pixels. The display should make for some rather crisp viewing experiences.

As for the hinge, it is covered by the flexible display from the top and Motorola has claimed that it is a completely seamless display with no gaps or issues. As far as display is concerned, the Moto Razr has another one on the outside of it. The display on the outside acts as a heads up display that lets you see notifications, skip and play music tracks and a whole lot more.

Under the hood

On the inside, the phone packs in some rather mixed specifications. The Snapdragon 710 chipset in there isn't exactly the most powerful processor, but it gets the job done. Pair that with 6GB of RAM and you've got a seemingly well performing phone, at least on paper.

Apart from that, the company has also made a few tweaks that allow the phone to make good use of it's flip factor. At any rate, we can't really speak for the performance yet but we're not expecting it to top the charts.


The Motorola Razr comes with a single 16-megapixel camera that functions as the primary as well as the secondary camera. In it's unflipped mode, the phone's camera points towards the user and the viewfinder view can be seen on the front display.

When flipped, the same camera points to the back of the phone so that you can get snapping in no time. Readers must keep in mind that the phone does have a dedicated front facing camera, but that packs a 5-megapixel sensor.

Software and battery

Finally, we have the software, which is something that Motorola does really well. The phones pack stock android OS and this one is no different. At launch, the Moto Razr will come with Android 9.0 out of the box. The phone is powered by a rather small 2510 mAH battery, which could be a deal breaker for many potential consumers.

Price and availability

At the end of the day, the realization dawns upon you that after all, it is a foldable smartphone, with a highly advanced screen- and none of it comes cheap. The phone will sell in the US for about $1,499 and will even make its way into India, but the dates have not been revealed yet.