Redmi K20 Pro Marvel Avengers limited edition launched in China

Redmi K20 Pro Marvel Avengers limited edition launched in China

Rishabh Pachory

Xiaomi's latest smartphone, the Redmi K20 Pro, is one of the most powerful phones they have launched of late. The phone has gained a lot of traction over the past few weeks, largely because of its price, design and specifications. The phone will launch in India next week but Chinese buyers have it even better. Only recently Redmi launched a limited edition Redmi K20 Pro, which may or may not come to India.

At the same time however, Xiaomi is a company that understands the Indian market well. If they do launch the phone in India, they will surely sell a lot of units of the smartphone. The main difference in the limited edition smartphone and the regular one is purely aesthetic. The phone has an Iron Man suit inspired back and even the software has been given a 'superhero' feel.

Additionally, the custom packaging is worth keeping as it comes with the Avengers logo embossed on the cover. Apart from that, the packaging will also include a custom Avengers logo case, which should make the phone stand out in case you do use the cover and an Avengers badge, like the OPPO F11 Pro limited edition variant. Apart from these added features, the phone will remain the same and there are no spec bumps in the works.

The K20 Pro has a full screen display- unobstructed by notches or punch hole cameras. The display on the phone is a 6.39-inch AMOLED display, which should make for rather great content viewing and a more immersive experience. Since there are on blemishes on the display, this is the major high point for this phone.

Under the hood, the K20 Pro is no joke. The phone comes with 8GB of RAM paired with the latest generation Snapdragon 855 chipset. This makes for rather smooth performance that never falters. The battery on the phone is a beast as well. Packing a 4,000mAH battery, the K20 Pro should be ideal for a vast number of users.

The camera on the phone is a pop up selfie camera with a primary 48-megapixel sensor at the back. The phone also sports a triple rear camera set up which should allow for super crisp images.

At any rate, pricing details on the K20 Pro in India are rather scarce. The limited edition variant has gone on sale in China and could likely make its way into the Indian market as well.