The Redmi K20 Pro picks up on the legacy set by the Xiaomi POCO F1

The Redmi K20 Pro picks up on the legacy set by the Xiaomi POCO F1

Rishabh Pachory

Ever since the inception of phones- smartphones to be precise, enthusiasts have been looking for that one phone that packs it all. Speed, performance, a great camera, an immersive display, a long lasting battery and most importantly, a reasonable price tag. For a long time, it seemed that one could only dream of such a smartphone and then too, it would, without a doubt, cost a bomb. That's where the Xiaomi POCO F1 came out last year and made a change for the better. A year later and without a successor, it seems that the Redmi K20 Pro has picked up where the POCO F1 left off.

When the POCO F1 came out last year, it was just the beginning of cheap smartphones getting better. Sure the phone wasn't all that polished, didn't feel all that premium, didn't have an amazing camera, but it hit the nail on the head in two major aspects- speed and performance. Both these aspects made this phone a beast and an instant hit almost all across the globe. In fact, the speeds on this phone were enough to rival those on the OnePlus 6 and 5T.

Where the phone lacked was when it came to design, camera and display. Though the camera was not abysmally poor, it wasn't something you'd expect out of a phone with specifications like the POCO F1's. In fact, the display was rather neat and was miles ahead of anything in the competition at the time. However, the phone stood somewhere in the middle and it was clear where Xiaomi cut corners.

A year later, here we are with no update on an upcoming Xiaomi POCO phone but what we do have is the Redmi K20 Pro. Since Xiaomi and Redmi are very closely tied together, it would be safe to assume that the K20 is looking to turn a few wrongs into rights. The K20 Pro is much more polished, more premium and on the whole is a better all round smartphone than the POCO. Some would say that this phone came out a year after so of course it's going to be better.

However, the K20 Pro is not just better than the POCO, it carries forward an idea that was planted by the POCO phone. The idea that you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to get a well priced phone, the idea that a phone of it's price can rival a flagship phone in any respect and the K20 Pro surely delivers.

With a stunning design, a full screen display, all the latest technology a commendable camera and, most importantly, an even better processor, the K20 Pro is winning hearts. The display is a stark improvement from the POCO F1, the camera produces detailed images and the feel of the phone is surely a whole lot more premium. When you actually consider the cost of this phone, you'll be surprised at the tricks it manages to pull off.

The K20 Pro, in that respect, creates a whole new ballgame instead of bringing something new to the park. With that in mind, (and the price as well) it can easily be said that the best competitor to the K20 Pro is the OnePlus 7. Both the phones have their ups and downs and pose a huge threat to one another. Both phones have the same ideology behind them and there's no denying that they are the ones making the more budget friendly phones better by pushing them to the edge.

With the ever increasing competition and choices to choose from, the smartphone game is just stepping forward and with phones like the POCO F1, the K20 Pro, the OnePlus 7- phones that are changing the concept of what a good phone should be, the future for smartphones seems rather bright.