Whatsapp for Android will finally support fingerprint unlock

Whatsapp for Android will finally support fingerprint unlock

Rishabh Pachory

Privacy is one of the most vital aspects of any application. When it comes to something as personal as Whatsapp, it is of utmost importance that your app is protected from people around you as well as hackers. Recently, on iOS, users breathed a sigh of relief as the app added an inbuilt feature that allows for unlocking the app using the fingerprint scanner. Finally, after a long wait, Whatsapp for Android will finally support this feature.

In case you're wondering why you can't activate it just yet, the feature is out now only for beta users of the app. As of now, the feature seems to be in an early alpha or beta build which is why beta testers are being given the chance to check it out. Once the feature is deemed secure, safe and stable, we can expect it to roll out to all users. Beta testers with Whatsapp v2.19.221 can go and try out the feature immediately, under the privacy tab in the settings menu.

Once the feature is implemented in the final app, users will have to authenticate each time they try to open the application. Though this can be rather cumbersome at times, it is worth it. Surely, you don't want anyone to read sensitive texts you've had with someone.

iOS users on the other hand are already basking in the glory of this security feature. It came out a few months back for these users and this is one of the few features that has hit iOS before Android OS. At any rate, the feature is coming to Android, so you can go ahead and ditch that third party security app you have.

In the near future, Whatsapp will also roll out dark mode for both iOS and Android OS. This is one feature that has been in the works for a really long time now and one that users have been eagerly waiting for. Not only does it give a better look to the application, it also helps conserve battery on phones with OLED displays.