You have to start taking the upcoming Pixel phones seriously: Here's why

You have to start taking the upcoming Pixel phones seriously: Here's why

Rishabh Pachory

A phone with a 4GB RAM, and high power Snapdragon processor, an amazing camera, lots of bugs, a vibrant display- any guesses what we're talking about? No? These just happen to be some of the ups and downs of the Google Pixel phones over the past few years. The Pixel 2 and 2XL, though very well performing, failed to live up to the competition. The same was the case with the Pixel 1, however, we can give Google that- they tried and didn't exactly fail.

The Google Pixel 3 and 3XL took a more daring, flagship like approach- a notch display, more powerful specifications, a lot more polished, refined experience. However, with these phones came a stigma- they didn't look as pretty or weren't all that fast but they were one thing- fluid and intuitive. That's one thing that's been constant along the Pixel series phones. When you regularly use these phones, they stick to you and it really seems like there's nothing better.

You have to start taking the upcoming Pixel phones seriously: Here's why

This year, with the Pixel 4, it's clear that Google wants you to take it seriously. At least when it comes to making a top of the line flagship smartphone. This fall, when the Pixel 4 comes out, you're going to be in for a surprise. They've changed everything from top to bottom- except for the experience that comes with a Pixel phone. You've still got an off beat design and most most importantly, a coloured power button. What's new is that the Pixel 4 will come with a one of a kind Project Soli chip, which should make hand gestures perform better and reliably.

Not only that, new leaks that are coming out show that the new PIxel phones will be different from the previous ones because Google no longer wants to make a phone that's just a great experience to use- they want to make a fast phone, one that lives up to its name and one that absolutely crushes the competition. Some of the design choices also reiterate this point and push the fact that Google is no longer looking to other phones for inspiration.

Further down the line, Google will look to expand more into such a mindset. The Pixel 4 will be a true testament to what the company can actually do. It seems that they're done experimenting and they're starting to revolutionize. In fact, the Pixel 4 could perhaps be one of the most pivotal Android phone for the coming few years. Many would argue that the Samsungs and OnePluses are pushing the boundaries further and they are indeed. But where they lack is when it comes to an ideology, a concept and a vision for the future.