Rapoo V500 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review

Rapoo V500 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review

Rounak Jain

Rapoo V500 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review (4 / 5)

Rapoo is a fairly well-known brand when it comes to gaming keyboards at an affordable price. The Rapoo V500 Pro is a 2017 model that comes with a compact form factor and a design that makes it stand out from the crowd. Like most other gaming keyboards in its price range, the Rapoo V500 Pro also comes with Blue Switch mechanism, offering better customizability at an affordable price.

We have been testing the Rapoo V500 Pro for a few weeks now and here is our review.

The Good

The Rapoo V500 Pro offers a full-size keyboard, complete with a dedicated numeric keypad for those who need it. The keyboard stands out with its design and the RBG backlit keys glow enough even if you are in dark surroundings. It sports an aluminum alloy surface cover which also adds to the keyboards sturdiness. The fully mechanical switches are quoted to offer up to 60 million clicks, which should be way more than adequate for even the most extreme user.

Like most mechanical keyboards, the Rapoo V500 Pro can look bulky if you are coming for a regular keyboard. However, Rapoo has designed it well enough so as to not waste any space while still using individual mechanical keys. The RGB lighting further adds to the looks of the keyboard, and additionally, the 'VPRO' logo also glows while in use, which is a nice touch.

Further, the V500 Pro also comes with a spill-resistant design, so you should be good with some minor spills. However, this does not mean that the keyboard offers complete protection against liquids, so you will still have to be very careful with liquids around your keyboard, and your computer in general.

Features and performance

In terms of features, the Rapoo V500 Pro comes with Blue Switch mechanism, so you can customize it using third party Blue Switch keys, based on your requirements. It comes with a 2-meter long USB 2.0 cable, so connectivity and response time is top notch. The keys also register and respond instantly, so there is no noticeable delay between clicks and their response.

In terms of usage, the Rapoo V500 Pro works great for all users – from gaming, which is its main purpose, to writing content or just casual usage. The tactile feel is great, which is expected from a mechanical keyboard.

Further, the Rapoo V500 Pro offers basic customization of the RGB lighting, allowing you to switch between lighting modes and managing the brightness. The keyboard offers three lighting modes – constant, breathing and off. You can switch between these modes using the Fn + Esc combination. You can also adjust the speed using the Fn + Left or Right arrow keys.

To customize brightness, you have to use the Fn + Up or Down keys, as needed.

The Bad

The Rapoo V500 Pro offers fairly good value for money at its price. However, it could have done with some extra RGB customization in addition to a palm rest. Further, the function buttons do not have any shortcut icons on them, so it might take a while if you don't remember them correctly.

Additionally, the couple of customization options, that is the Lighting mode and the brightness shortcuts are not decipherable either with their respective icons on keys, needing you to read the manual to actually know that they exist.


The Rapoo V500 Pro offers a good value for money at its price, which is currently hovering around Rs 3,000, although it has an MRP of Rs 3,999. If you are looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard in this price range, the Rapoo V500 Pro can be a noteworthy option given everything that it offers.

The Rapoo V500 Pro is available for purchase on Flipkart for about Rs 3,000.